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When you are a Fulton Theatre Season Ticket Subscriber, you lock in your seats, your dates and book your stays for the entire season. The Lancaster Bed & Breakfast want to extend this amazing offer to all season Fulton subscribers.  Using the Fulton Theatre website customize your theatre season then call us to reserve each theatre nights stay at the Lancaster Bed & Breakfast and you will receive 20% your stays for all six shows.

To start this wonderful Fulton Theatre Season as a subscriber www.thefulton.org then stay at the Lancaster!


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The Lancaster Area

Whether you are visiting Lancaster on vacation or romantic weekend getaway, business-related travel, there truly is something for everyone. Explore the sights and sounds of Pennsylvania Amish Country.  Enjoy family home-style and fine dining in the area's many wonderful restaurants and dinner theaters.  Take a buggy ride in the Amish countryside. Kayak the Susquehanna hike, run along the nearby peaceful Conestoga River Greenway trail, or meander through Central Park of Lancaster. Experience the past by visiting the numerous Lancaster, PA area attractions and historical sites, like Historic Rock Ford Plantation. Scour local antique stores for treasures and outlet shops for bargains, or pick up fresh produce and baked goods at one of the many farmers’ markets.  Take a ride on a steam-powered locomotive on the Strasburg Rail Road. Visit the Hershey Amusement Park, Gettysburg, PA, Valley Forge, PA and Philadelphia, PA is a short 1 1/2–hour drive. However you decide to spend your days in Lancaster and the surrounding area, you can count on relaxing, rest–filled nights at The Lancaster Bed & Breakfast.

The Fulton Theatre


Lancaster offers a wide variety of theatre and staged entertainment year round.  The Fulton Theatre built in 1852 is one of the oldest continuous professional theatres in America.  We have professional dinner theatres, regional theatre as well as the American Musical Theatre.  AMT provides not only original musical production year round but a vast line up of some of the best touring performers and shows.  



The food scene in Lancaster is rich with original fare. A variety of established yet always evolving great food in town as well as 8 new, wonderful venues that hold their own among the countries Best.  The food has the wide range of amazing flavors in warm, fun and current spaces.  You will love Lancaster’s food. Reservations are more often required.  Having given establishments a chance to make our list we feel strongly about our suggestions.  Missing also from our list are "often visited restaurants" for personal taste they have been omitted.  Our list of restaurants meets our personal standards.

Mud Sales


There is so very much to do in Lancaster.  These are a few of the favorite events we enjoy.  Experience the best way to fully experience the Amish people at a "Mud Sale", named for the often muddy fields these event are held. This list is always growing and changing.  If we have missed an event that you make a special trip to enjoy please feel free to drop a line so that we can add it our list.  Enjoy!

Hans Herr House


Lancaster is so much more than simply the Amish.  The area History is wonderful and goes back to pre-revolutionary war.  So many group from accross the globe came and settled in Lancaster adding to its rich and detailed History.  Take time to look through our list.   Remember that Lancaster City is the oldest city in America that is not on the coast making it the "First" of many America's stories.

Lancaster Brewing Company

Wineries & Breweries

If you enjoy great Craft Beer, Local Wines or Fine Spirits you will truly enjoy your time in Lancaster.  There are tours, tastings and great offerings at each of these establishments. We have listed a few of our favorites for your pleasure.  Visit each listings web pages to get a real feel for what they do and offer.  This list is ever growing please share a favorite in the area if it didn't make our list.

Strassburg Railroad


Attractions for us are things like Farmers Markets, shopping, Amish goods and crafts as well as train rides through Amish country.  It also includes the PA Renaissance Faire, downtown shops and galleries.  Spend a couple of hours with a personal tour of Amish Country, and don't forget Amish Buggy Rides!



While in Lancaster County spend some quality time "out-of-doors".  So enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking or even zip lining.  We have wonderful parks with wonderful trails and rivers to explore.  And not to forget Hot Air Balooning high above Amish Counrty.

Longwood Gardens


This is a short list of additional Nature activities, the include most of what you will find in Activities.  Longwood Gardens is one of our favorite local Nature outings.  We also have the only Wolf Sancuary in the Mid Atlantic, not to be missed.

Hershey Park

Theme Parks

We only list two parks but they stretch the gambit.  One of the "original" theme parks and a member of the "premier" coaster parks in America.  Take a look!